Subject: Re: [RECL]Recorder Brands

From: Melinda Russell
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2010 13:44:01 -0500

I like using peripole recorders in the classroom because they are all =
black. The sterisol tends to stain the light color recorders pink...not =
good. I order the cheaper angel recorders for $2.00 from our local music =
store for the children to purchase. They have a white mouthpiece and they =
are all one piece. This way, I know which recorders are "mine" and which =
ones can go out the door with their own recorder.
I do have to get extra "rings" from peripole because the kids will =
sometime take the recorders apart (although instructed not to do so) and =
lose the rings. Peripole has sent me about 50 or 75 rings in a packet for =
free so far.
P Please print only as needed
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>>> 2/23/2010 12:24 PM >>>
I am sure this is topic that has been covered so I apologize in advance. =
I am going to order recorders and wondered what everyone was using. I =
have used the ones from Peripole, but I wanted to see about other ones =
that are out there. I prefer at least a 2 piece recorder as I feel they =
are easiest to clean. Thanks for the suggestions.

Ann Meigs
Clayton, NC

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