Subject: [RECL]Method Book Question

From: Cole Hunt
Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2010 14:47:57 -0400

I may be getting recorder ensemble as a regular class next year for 4th and
5th graders. Last year it was only an after school activity that met for a
little over a month to serve as the opening act for the spring band
concert. Since my time was limited, I custom made the method sheets that my
kids used. I would like to use an actual method book if this becomes a
class. My problem is this: I want to incorporate alto recorders from the
beginning. I have some returning recorder students who will opt for alto
and tenor rather than be bored as everyone learns soprano from square one.

Is there a method book that accommodates soprano and alto recorders. I was
looking at "Harmonious Recorder" by Dorothy Elliott and the "Nine Note"
books by Penny Gardener. These have books for both but if the parts were
playing together, they would be a fifth off (i.e. altos on "E" while
sopranos are on "B"). Would this work in the teaching phases? Is anyone
familiar with these methods? Any advice at all?

Please Help.


Cole Hunt
Music Education, Scott County Schools
Burchfield School - Band Director (6-8)
Winfield School - Band Director (6-8), General Music (K-5)

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