Subject: [RECL]A computer game which motivates children to practice their recorders....cute and, fantastic...

From: Drora Bruck
Date: Sun, 22 Aug 2010 17:56:30 +0300

Hi All,

I was just browsing a little, always seeking for new ideas to use in
lessons, and I came across this -

Did anyone hear about these guys?
From what I understand, it's a computer game activated by live playing of a
recorder to a microphone. Could it be?

They're supposed to have a free trial and special things for teachers, like
free original sheet music.

Anyway, seems like it's worth a peek. It looks adorable from what i could

Enjoy :)

Drora Bruck, Israel

Head of the Early Music Department,
The Israeli Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv

Performance Department,
Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance


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