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Hey Amy, I doubt you can do this but if you have say 100 bucks go and buy as many of the BAG arrangements as you can . They are GREAT you can also use them with xylos. In addition, If you can afford the "recorder dudes a GREAT teaching aid" some foam at Michael's or AC Moore crafts and make your own....

Greg S Kauriga

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Welcome to NYC! My advice to anyone new to teaching in the city: if you're the only music teacher in your school, go to lots of professional development workshops; even if you don't learn something incredibly novel _every_ time, at least you'll know you're not alone in what you do and it'll keep your practice evolving. Reach out to nearby secondary music teachers, and use their programs as a guide to your curriculum (as a justification for your job's existence!), as the DOE is pushing for more comprehensive K-12 music continuity, and high-school music really is the end-product. Oh, and if you've got any extra Orff or band instruments, I'd be happy to take them off of your hands. :)

-- warren b.

Warren Bloom, music teacher
New York City Dept. of Education
P.S. 8 - The Robert Fulton School
Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.

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WELCOME Amy....where in NYC are you teaching? Please remember that you MUST drink LOTS of Water....and SLEEP! You'll be great!

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My name is Amy Holderness and I just subscribed to this list. I recently got a job teaching Pre-K-5th grade in NYC. The school is very supportive of their arts programs with an extensive inventory of Orff and other instruments. Last week was my first week - two days only - mostly spent doing inventory on the room and cleaning, sitting in on other classes. I start for real on Monday. Right now, I'm trying to organize the year ahead. Oh, did I mention, this is my first teaching job.

I look forward to any and all advice that is offered.
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