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M.C. Handel's Mission: Recorder

by M.C. Handel

Your mission - if you choose to accept it - is to provide your recorder students with engaging, fun-to-play songs that will help them progress towards becoming better recorder players.

M.C. Handel knows that students like to feel like real musicians, playing songs that they can really get into. To help your class achieve this, M.C. Handel has put together this fantastic collection of recorder pieces from Volume 16 of Music K-8 magazine. Songs are of varying difficulty, and some have more than one part, so all your students can work on, improve, and perform these tunes. This super collection includes:

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Prod. #
Product Description
M.C. Handel's Mission: Recorder - Hard Copy Book/Downloadable AudioHard copy book with downloadable Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: Downloadable audio is 46MB.
M.C. Handel's Mission: Recorder - Kit with CDTeacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts & Performance/Accompaniment CD
M.C. Handel's Mission: Recorder - Downloadable CollectionDownloadable PDF and Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: 46.8MB
M.C. Handel's Mission: Recorder - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/CD & download)Both Print and Downloadable. Download is 46.8MB
Song Title
B A Superhero
Good King Wenceslas
A Little Recorder Music
Maracas (easy version)
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