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Greatest Easy Recorder Favorites, The

This amazing collection of beginning recorder songs will really bring out the excitement in your students. With just a few notes, fabulous recordings, and lots of topics kids can relate to, they will sound larger than life and beam with confidence. These 12 tunes are from Music K-8 magazine and include:

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Prod. #
Product Description
The Greatest Easy Recorder Favorites - Kit with CD
The Greatest Easy Recorder Favorites - Downloadable Recorder CollectionTwo files - 36MB and 45.4MB
The Greatest Easy Recorder Favorites - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/CD & download)Downloadable component is 2 files - 36MB and 45.4MB
Song Title
B A Superhero
B A Cowboy
Rockin' Around The Hound Dog's Blue Suede Shoe BAG
Frodo's BAG
Big Round BAG
A BAG O' Tigers
Leonardo's Lightship
Shark CAGE
CAGE Full O' Blues
Rain Forest Daydream
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