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Recorder Jam

by Norm Sands

These simple teaching pieces for recorder help kids feel good about what they're playing. The secret is the professionally recorded accompaniments. Even though the recorder parts are easy and restricted to just a few notes and rhythms, the accompaniments are contemporary and very realistic. Like all of our recordings, they are populated with real players, some of the best you will find anywhere. This collection brings together seven tunes that our readers have identified as favorites of theirs and their students.

Recorder Jam includes:

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Prod. #
Product Description
Recorder Jam - Hard Copy Book/Downloadable AudioHard copy book with downloadable Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: Downloadable audio is 47.8MB.
Recorder Jam - Kit with CDTeacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts & Performance/Accompaniment CD
Recorder Jam - Downloadable Recorder CollectionDownloadable PDF and Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: 49.4MB
Recorder Jam - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/CD & download)Both Print and Downloadable. Download is 49.4MB
Song Title
Tune In A CAGe
2 2 2 T 4 The Holidays
Breeze Blown BAG
E's E Jammin'
The EDGE Of Right
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