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Both Recorder Karate 1 and Recorder Karate 2

by Barb Philipak/music arr. Paul Jennings

A Highly Motivational Method For Young Players

Recorder Karate 1

If you're looking for a classroom-tested, carefully planned recorder method, look no further. Or if you already have a favorite method and would like to add special magic and amazing motivation for your students, this unique kit is the answer. It has everything you will need to get started with young recorder players.

At the heart of this method is a positive reward system in which students receive colored "karate belts" (see page 14) to hang from their recorders for each progressively more difficult tune. Stories from hundreds of teachers rave about the success it has created with all types of students. The Teacher's Handbook walks you through the entire teaching process in a logical, easy-to-understand narrative, and it provides an array of teaching tools designed to make beginning recorder study a joy for teachers and students alike. And since this Kit comes with the rights to reproduce, your students don't have to buy books of their own. However, Student Books are available to save you the time and effort of photocopying. Included in this Kit are:

Add new life to your beginning recorder classes with Recorder Karate, a great stand-alone method or a fun supplement to any current method you are using.

Recorder Karate 2

The Music - This new volume has lots more music, sequenced by difficulty and designed to be played in a belt-testing environment. The selections are divided into several logical sections. Here are the basics with information on some of the music included:

The music is all fully orchestrated, and includes folk songs, classical works, old favorites, and tunes from around the world.

- A Teacher's Handbook Full of Goodies - The Teacher's Handbook brings together all of the creative teaching ideas that Barb has developed over the years using Recorder Karate in her classroom and in workshops with other teachers. Among the many things covered in the text of this indispensable book are sections, often with worksheets, on:

- MIDI files and More Extras - One of several exclusive extras bundled with this product are MIDI files for each tune so that you can use the music at any tempo you like. Also included are reproducible/projectable charts and worksheets including:

In addition, your students to practice with the tracks at RecorderDojo.com

Don't miss this powerful resource!

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Prod. #
Product Description
Both Recorder Karate Print Kits w/CDs (vols. 1 & 2)
Both Recorder Karate Downloadable Kits (vols. 1 & 2)Two files - 40.3 and 109.6MB
Both Recorder Karate Conv. Kits (print & download) (vols. 1 & 2)Downloadable component is 2 files - 40.3 and 109.6MB
Song Title
Ode To Joy (concert version)
Amazing Grace (concert version)
When The Saints Go Marching In (concert version)
Hot Cross Buns (White Belt test song)
Merrily We Roll Along (Orange Belt test song)
Old MacDonald Had A Farm (Purple Belt test song)
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Red Belt test song)
Largo from New World Symphony
Rocky Mountain
Old Joe Clark
The Water Is Wide
I've Been Working On The Railroad
Four In A Boat
Renaissance Dance (Susato)
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