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Recorder Karate Bulletin Board Builder, The

We have designed this product to help any teacher assemble an inspirational Recorder Karate bulletin board that lets your students have fun as they progress through the levels of the program. There are literally thousands of possibilities as you design your board.

The kit includes two types of components that can be purchased separately or together at a savings: Digital Files and Character Prints

The Digital Files

Character Prints - A dozen high quality, high resolution 8 1/2" x 11" prints, depicting all nine belt levels as well as a few other characters. They are printed on print quality paper, to be used as they are, or cut out and laminated for longer life if you like.

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Prod. #
Product Description
The Recorder Karate Bulletin Board Builder - 12 Character Prints
The Recorder Karate Bulletin Board Builder - Downloadable Files(Downloadable PDFs and JPEGs): 69.1MB
The Recorder Karate Bulletin Board Builder KitBoth Downloadable Files (69.1MB) & Character Prints

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