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Recorder Works

by John Riggio

This collection is designed to provide a highly motivational supplement to any method you are using with your students. The careful design and incremental approach would also make this a good collection to use with beginning players if you prefer to design your own method of study.

The recordings are exciting with styles right out of the Top 40, guaranteed to keep student interest high while they are learning. The players on these state-of-the-art recordings are top professionals, and they are recorded and mixed with the same sense of detail you have come to expect from Plank Road Publishing. And when synthesizers are used, the sounds are fresh and appropriate to the song, not merely imitating another instrument.

The Teacher's Handbook features reproducible student parts as well as a reproducible fingering chart for the notes used. The audio recording contains two performances of each selection, one full performance with a professional playing the recorder parts, and a second one featuring just the accompaniment tracks.

The six original songs in the collection (and the notes they use) are:

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Prod. #
Product Description
Recorder Works - Hard Copy Book/Downloadable AudioHard copy book with downloadable Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: Downloadable audio is 39.5MB.
Recorder Works - Kit with CDTeacher's Handbook with Reproducible Student Parts & Performance/Accompaniment CD
Recorder Works - Downloadable Recorder CollectionDownloadable PDFs and Performance/Accompaniment MP3s: 43.7MB
Recorder Works - Convenience Combo Kit (kit w/CD & download)Both Print and Downloadable versions. Downloadable component is 43.7MB
Song Title
BA BA Blues
Agent BAG
Vision Groove
Summer Walk
The Rhythm CAGE
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