About Recorder Classroom Magazine

Children love recorders, and recorders can change their whole musical outlook.

Recorders are a special part of a well-rounded music education. They are wonderful instruments with a long and rich history, and they provide students with an ideal way to experience the joy of instrumental performance. Throughout the history of Music K-8 magazine, we have tried to provide a wide variety of music, and through Plank Road Publishing we offer a number of other recorder resources. But when we created our unique magazine, Recorder Classroom, it allowed us to approach the material in a more dynamic fashion.

Currently, there are two volumes and two special edition issues. Here's what you will find in each of them:

We love a parade! Artie Almeida infuses her
teaching with a spirit of fun and the love of music.
(Photo by Lauren Mickler.)

NOTE: Yes, you can actually order a Downloadable Back Volume with a purchase order or check. However - this involves a Log In at the Recorder Classroom web site. Visit our Help Page for more information. We wanted to give you this option to help you get the most from your budget.

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