About Recorder Classroom Magazine

Children love recorders, and recorders can change their whole musical outlook.

Recorders are a special part of a well-rounded music education. They are wonderful instruments with a long and rich history, and they provide students with an ideal way to experience the joy of instrumental performance. When we created our unique magazine, Recorder Classroom, it allowed us to approach the material in a dynamic fashion.

Currently, there are two volumes and two special edition issues. Here's what you will find in each of them:

  • Lots of Great Music & State-Of-The-Art Recordings! Listen to excerpts.
  • With lots of variety...
  • Our regular feature Recorder Method Energizer
  • Special Contributors with Special Resources

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Bonus: Recorder Rock Star

"Test Your Skills" Recorder Game

"Test Your Skills" quizzes students on which holes to cover for the proper note. If students need a little review before or after the game, they can use the interactive "Fingering Chart," which plays the note they click on the staff and shows the proper fingering.

Test Your Recorder Skills

To access, first log into Recorder Rock Star, then click on the "Test Your Skills" link. (Click here for instructions on how to log in to Recorder Rock Star.)

The game features soprano, alto, tenor, and bass recorders. Log in now or play a demo.

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